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13.12.2019 10:17
On Russia’s Constitution Day, the head of the region Mr. Kuvshinnikov presented Vologda’s residents with state awards.

Russian state decorations were awarded in Vologda on December 13th.

09.12.2019 15:10
Vologda Region to become the largest producer of Ivan-tea in Russian Federation.

Russian Russian Ivan-Tea is a traditional tea for Russia, where it is also called Ivan-Tea. The popularity of Russian Ivan-Tea is growing all over the world. More and more people today are thinking about healthy food, they are looking for really nutrient-enriched and green products. Ivan-Tea is 100% organic, no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives added. Russian Ivan-Tea indeed possesses some truly unique healing properties. It boosts immunity, normalizes blood pressure and relieves stress.

06.12.2019 09:50
On December 5th Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov held a direct line.

Oleg Kuvshinnikov held a direct communication session during which he responded to questions from citizens of the Vologda Region.

05.12.2019 10:19
Exhibitors from Belgium, Germany, Belarus, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, China and Russia have arrived in Vologda to take part in 24th International fair and exhibition Russian Forest.

The Russian Forest, an exhibition for innovation technologies to be applied in the timber industry, in production of technological equipment for forestry and manufacture of wood and wood-working articles, kicked off in Vologda on December 5, 2019.

03.12.2019 09:53
On December 5 Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov will hold an annual direct line.

On December 5th Oleg Kuvshinnikov will hold a direct communication session during which he will respond to questions from citizens of the Vologda Region.

02.12.2019 16:37
Centre for support of gifted children Impulse has emerged in Vologda.

The Centre for support of gifted children Impulse will be a flagship project in the field of additional education for children, aimed at developing their creative abilities and increasing interest in scientific and technical activities.

29.11.2019 16:41
Vologda Oblast wins the National Geographic Traveler Awards 2019 in Russia’s Ecological Vacation nomination.

The World Legacy Awards are a groundbreaking collaboration between two giants in the world of travel: National Geographic and ITB Berlin. The awards are unprecedented in their international visibility and promotion, reaching National Geographic's global audience of more than 700 million people worldwide each month through its media platforms, products and events.

18.11.2019 15:16
On November 15 Vologda Region Governor came to St. Petersburg to meet Alexander Gutsan, Plenipotentiary Presidential Representative in the North Western Federal District.

The working visit of Mr. Oleg Kuvshinnikov had a focus on prevention approach to reducing offenses and evaluation of the effectiveness of administrative commissions that deal with cases of violations of local or regional legislation.

13.11.2019 08:51
Local government talked about Vologda Region’s readiness for the heating season.

The Vologda Region Government spoke about the region's readiness for the start of the heating season.

06.11.2019 15:29
Days of heavy rain and flooding have prompted authorities to declare an emergency in Vologda Region.

Areas of several municipalities were flooded after the rivers broke their banks. The declaration covers 13 municipalities including the Vologda District and Gryazovets District which are among the worst affected. In a statement of 6 November, the Vologda Region Government said the precipitation was more than twice the normal amount and exceeded that of any November.

05.11.2019 16:02
On December 5th Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov will hold a direct line.

On December 5th Oleg Kuvshinnikov will hold a direct communication session during which he will respond to questions from citizens of the Vologda Region.

24.10.2019 16:47
Vologda is hosting 3rd Russian Dairy Industry Forum “Vologda-Dairy Capital of Russia”.

The Forum is a venue to discuss the most relevant issues related to the milk products market, business and dairy industry as a whole. Attendees have the chance to talk one-on-one with leading researchers, technical experts and sales representatives from different Russian regions.

18.10.2019 10:52
On October 17th Vologda Oblast Governor Mr. Kuvshinnikov paid a working visit to the District of Kichmengsky Gorodok.

The visit was arranged as part of a series of visits throughout the Vologda Oblast examining economic and social development of regions.

15.10.2019 10:50
Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov is taking part in 3rd Russian Public Health Forum, Moscow.

The All-Russian Forum of Public Health is held on October 14-15 at Skolkovo Moscow School of Management, Moscow. This year the forum is held for the third time.

14.10.2019 15:34
World Cup Race event “Russian North” is to be held on January 10-12, 2020 in Totma, Vologda Region.

Totma's application for accreditation as an IFSS World Cup event in the season 2019-2020 was approved by the IFSS Accreditation Committee. The World Cup Race event in Totma was accredited as an IFSS World Cup event for the following classes: Sp4, Sp6, SM1, SW1, MD6, MD12, MDSW, MDSM and the corresponding RNB classes.

10.10.2019 14:02
Russian President met elected regional governors, Vologda Region Governor among them.

RF President Vladimir Putin met with 19 top regional officials elected during regional elections on the single voting day of September 8.