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Local government authorities took part in a tree planting campaign.
15.09.2021 09:27

The tree planting campaign "Let's save the forest" took place in the Vologda District. On the eve of the Day of Forest Workers, the Governor of the region planted 150 young pines together with deputies, forest industry workers and students of secondary schools.

Emergency medical car-fleet  and school bus fleet of Vologda Oblast will be upgraded.
06.09.2021 16:11

Sixteen new emergency vehicles will be shipped to rural districts of the Vologda Region. GLONASS is installed in all cars, the emergency vehicles are also equipped with state-of-the-art outfit for first aid.

Vologda Region Oleg Kuvshinnikov paid a working visit to Kharovsk.
03.09.2021 10:40

As part of a working trip to District of Kharovsk, Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov launched a new line for thin wood processing at "Kharovsk Forestry".

Vologda Oblast Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov attended school # 5 in Vologda and congratulated school students and educators on the beginning of the new school year.
01.09.2021 15:15

September 1st is a special holiday. It brings us back to childhood, it is the beginning of a new journey to the Land of Knowledge. All of us keep bright memories of school friends, wise teachers and interesting subjects.

Introduction of “Pushkin cards” for Vologda’s residents from 14 to 22 years.
30.08.2021 16:28

The Pushkinskaya Karta project (Pushkin cards) which provides Russian young people with free access to the treasures of Russian culture once every 4 months will start working on September 1.

Coronavirus: Vologda's cinemas, theaters, galleries and concert halls will operate at 50% capacity.
27.08.2021 09:42

The Vologda Region Government allows theaters, cinemas, museums and galleries to operate up to 50% of normal capacity from August 27.

Readiness of educational institutions of Vologda Region for the beginning of a new school year is in the highlight of a meeting of the region’s governor and teachers.
26.08.2021 15:26

Classes in schools in the Vologda Region will begin on September 1 in the form of full-time education. Additional financial support will be provided to budget-sphere workers. Wages of teachers, doctors, employees of culture and sports spheres, rescuers and social service workers will rise by 10% starting from September 1.

Meeting with teachers and educators on the eve of the new academic year.
25.08.2021 16:00

Vologda Oblast Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov met with Vologda’s school principals, educators and teachers in the school, higher education and specialised professional education systems on the eve of the new school year, the “Day of Knowledge” which Russia celebrates on September 1.

In the lead up to the day of State Flag of the Russian Federation, Vologda Region Governor Mr. Kuvshinnikov presented Vologda’s residents with state awards.
19.08.2021 14:28

Russian state decorations were awarded in Vologda on August 19. The award ceremony was held in the governor’s mansion.

Vologda Region Governor and museum experts give a lecture on life of Russian peasants.
19.08.2021 08:53

The lecture on life of Russian peasants “Trip Deep into History” was organized by the Russian Society "Knowledge" in a unique format. The author's lectures and excursions for young people are held by outstanding representatives from the sphere of culture and art, legendary personalities, governors and members of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Vologda Region Governor took part in a round-table on health service improvement and support for medical workers.
18.08.2021 11:07

The main objective of the round-table was to identify issues related to the quality of health care in the Vologda Region, and bonuses for doctors and paramedical staff.

Residents of Vologda Region aged 60 or older are eligible to receive their COVID-19 vaccine from special vaccination hubs.
17.08.2021 09:03

On August 16 Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov held a meeting with local government members on the development of the coronavirus pandemic and preventive measures.

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