Project in General


A project of an industrial park in Sokol, Vologda Oblast, named Sokol Industrial Park is carried out within the framework of a complex investment plan of modernization of the city of Sokol.

The land site of the Sokol I-Park is located in the heart of Russia's Northern "corridor of development" on the crossway of three transport routes - the Severnaya Railway ("Northern railway") linking Moscow with Arkhangelsk on the coast of the Arctic Ocean, the Sukhona River, a tributary to the Northern Dvina, and a highway of federal significance running from Moscow to Arkhangelsk.

The industrial site covers the territory of 200 ha.

The model for the continual development of the Industrial Park will outlay all the financing options and trigger external investors to the District of Sokol.

The Vologda Oblast has started construction of infrastructure:

  • geological engineering survey on the territory of the park has been completed;
  • part of design and exploration work has been finished;
  • construction-and-assembling operations are underway (electric power, gas lines, water supply, road sidings);
  • investment legislation concerning the Sokol Industrial Park has been adopted;
  • the land was handed over for use in perpetuity to the board of directors of the Sokol Industrial Park;
  • an administrative building has been constructed.

The problem of Sokol like any other Russian mono-city is that the town is life-supported by the single industry complex only.

The idea of establishing an industrial park in Sokol is based on several concepts:

  • to be able to concentrate dedicated infrastructure in a delimited area to reduce the per-business expense of that infrastructure. Such infrastructure includes roadways, railroad sidings, high-power electric supplies, high-end communications cables, large-volume water supplies, and gas lines.
  • to be able to attract new business by providing an integrated infrastructure in one location.
  • eligibility of an industrial park for benefits.
  • to set aside industrial uses from urban areas to try to reduce the environmental and social impact of the industrial uses.

Objectives of the project:

  • Solution of social and economic issues of Sokol that are typical of a Russian mono-city;
  • Economic diversification based on establishment of high-tech industries that are high in added value, and budget receipts;
  • Increase in the output of low-rise timbered buildings aiming to foster house-building;
  • Introduction of new technologies of processing of foliferous wood on the territory of the Sokol Industrial Park.

Leading industries

Within the framework of the Sokol Industrial Park it is planned to develop the following types of activity:

  • wood processing;
  • building industry;
  • assembling of low-rise frame-houses and maintenance work;
  • production of roof covering and lagging;
  • production of furniture and accessories.

OOO Sokol oriented-chipping boards-producing factory will become one of the leading enterprises of the Sokol Industrial Park. It also envisages construction of a sawnwood and wood pellet producing line (ZAO ZemlyaResurs).