The Sheksna Industrial Park (SIP) boasts a convenient transportation. It is situated in the south of the Vologda Oblast at the intersection of the main Russian transportation lines:

  • Highways - road of federal importance Vologda - Novaya Ladoga (9,000 cars a day);
  • Waterways (the Sheksna River) - Volga-Baltic Waterway (7,500 ships during navigation period);
  • Railways - Northern railway (190 trains a day).

The waters of the Sheksna and Rybinsk reservoirs (Volga-Baltic Waterway) flow through its territory from north to south. The Industrial Park is in proximity to the airports of Vologda and Cherepovets. The Sheksna Industrial Park is situated in the vicinity of consumption markets of Moscow and St.Petersburg, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Thus, highways, water carriage, aviation and railways enhance the SIP's advantage in logistics.

Distance from the industrial park to:

  • District centre (settlement of Sheksna) - 7 km;
  • Regional centre (Vologda) - 96 km;
  • Cherepovets - 35 km.

The area of this industrial zone is 2 thousand hectares. Sheksna industrial part is situated relatively close to the main power supply sources and transport routes. Particularly, the industrial site is only 1 km away from the high-pressure integrated gas pipelines “Gryazovets – Vyborg”. Furthermore, it is only 300 m to the A-114 federal road “Nifatovo - Pacha” of 2 category. The closest populated place is also not far from the park - only 70 m away.

To establish optimal transport connection with such cities as Vologda, Cherepovets, the A-114 “Vologda – Novaya Ladoga" federal highway was reconstructed. Besides, within the Sheksna project, the following was constructed: road for the park with the length of 1.5 km, the so-called Southern driveway, and also Western and Eastern inter-site highways adjacent to the A-114 federal highway. There is also a railway in the territory of the park. Furthermore, Sheksna industrial site is situated relatively close (20 km) to the "Cherepovets" airport. There is also the opportunity of river communication - there is the river Sheksna and Sheksinskoye dam lake.

Thus, Sheksna industrial park is situated in the area of crossing of all kinds of transport communication including railways and federal highways, and also Volgo-Baltiysky water route and Europe-Asia air corridor. All this gives the park very good advantages.