Administrative Department


The Administrative Department is a subdivision of the Vologda Oblast Government. It consists of a department of office work, an award office, state service and personnel department and an accounting and maintenance supply office.

Within its competence, the Department performs the following functions:

  • managing all administrative matters - organizational and economic activities, material and technical supplies for the Vologda Oblast Governor, Vologda Oblast Government, structural subdivisions of the government, members of the Federation Council, deputies of the State Duma of the RF Federal Assembly elected from the Vologda Oblast;
  • protocol maintenance of events with participation of the Vologda Oblast Governor in accordance with standard rules of the national, diplomatic and business protocol, maintenance of etiquette and procedure in organising meetings, receptions and visits with the Governor's participation;
  • hiring, using and maintaining a satisfied workforce, reassignments, position classification and grading, salary determination, performance appraisal review and processing;
  • preventive measures concerning corruption offences committed by government officials, heads of executive bodies and their deputies that are within the department's competence;
  • protection of labour in the local government;
  • controlling, directing, organizing and other activities involved with respect to archives creation, maintenance, use and disposition in order to achieve adequate and proper documentation, and effective management of the Vologda Oblast Government;
  • receiving, processing and maintaining all documents and records related to the activity of the Vologda Oblast Governor, Vologda Oblast Government and its structural subdivisions;
  • identifying, classifying and storing records;
  • implementing and administering specialized systems for managing records;
  • coordinating access to records;
  • direct continuing attention to documents circulation, with particular emphasis on the prevention of unnecessary paperwork;
  • application of state-of-the-art technologies or techniques necessary to carry out an effective and efficient records management program;
  • recognizing Vologda's residents for sustained meritorious service;
  • providing for Governor's authorities on issues pertaining to awards and decorations of the Russian Federation, Vologda Oblast and Vologda Oblast Governor;
  • providing for Governor's authorities on issues pertaining to application and protection of heraldry symbols;
  • accounting, financial provision for the Governor's activities, Vologda Oblast Government, structural subdivisions of the government.


Mr. Andrzej Waldemar Chodkiewicz, Consul General of Poland in St. Petersburg arrived in Vologda.

This was the first visit of the Consul General to Vologda. The main objective of the visit was to get acquainted with the trade, economic, social, cultural and tourism potential of the Vologda Region.