Department of Labour and Employment Issues


The Department of Labour and Employment Issues is an executive body which is responsible for regulation in the sphere of labour and employment assistance on the territory of the Vologda Oblast. As an executive body with diverse functions, the Department carries out its mission through a number of subordinate offices and agencies.

It promotes labour protection, which comprises decent conditions of work, including wages, working time and occupational safety and health, essential components of decent work.

Within its competence, the Department performs the following functions:

  • labour management;
  • regulation of labour payment, labour relations;
  • management of labour protection;
  • regulation and organization of work in the sphere of employment;
  • enforce social and labour legislation to protect the working class and regulate the relations between the worker and his employers;
  • formulate and recommend policies, plans and programmes for manpower development and training;
  • welfare of unorganized workers;
  • regulation of the employment of aliens, including the enforcement of a registration or work permit system for such aliens, as provided for by law;
  • settlement of industrial disputes and complaints.


Vologda’s experts are taking part in St. Petersburg International Labour Forum.

A delegation from the Vologda Region is led by Oleg Belov, head of the Department of Labour and Employment Issues.

Experts from Vologda Oblast are participating in the 18th Annual International Exhibition “Safety and Labour Protection”.

The 18th international specialized exhibition “Safety and Labour Protection” is held in Moscow, 9 - 12 December 2014.