Department of Health Care


The Department of Health Care of the Vologda Oblast works in accordance with the Clause of the Department of Health Care confirmed by the Vologda Oblast Government Decree N 458 dated as of 26.04.2010.

Subordinate institutions: patient care institutions, educational institutions

Main functions of the Department:

  • management of health care;
  • management of medical and prophylactic work of health care system in the Vologda Oblast;
  • management of specialized medical aid (including sanitary and air emergency);
  • establishment of regional medical aid standards;
  • control of realization of medical aid standards;
  • ensuring of sanitary and epidemiological well-being of citizens;
  • regulation of medicines circulation.


Emergency medical car-fleet of several districts of Vologda Oblast was upgraded.

On December 26th Deputy Governor Oleg Vasiliev handed over the keys of 12 new emergency vehicles to districts of the Vologda Oblast.

Vologda’s experts are in Czech Republic on an official visit.

Vologda Oblast Government officials led by Deputy Governor Oleg Vasiliev arrived in Ostrava, Moravian-Silesian Region of the Czech Republic on an official visit. The main objective of the visit is to participate in an international conference “Healthy Cities”.

Delegation from Moravia-Silesia (Czech Republic) will arrive in Vologda on a four-day duration visit on September 23rd.

The Czech experts in health care system will get acquainted with Vologda’s medical institutions and public health care.