Department of Education


The Department of Education of the Vologda Oblast works in accordance with the Clause of the Department of Education confirmed by the Vologda Oblast Government Decree N 1586 dated as of 20.10.2009.

The Department of Education is an executive body which fulfils state functions of in the sphere of education in the Vologda Oblast.

Main functions of the Department:

  • education management, including preschool, comprehensive, extended education;
  • management of primary professional education;
  • management of secondary professional education;
  • management of extended professional education;
  • management of high educational institutions;
  • supervision and control for legislation compliance in education, control for education quality;
  • funding for realization of basic comprehensive programs.


Vologda multi-discipline lyceum is on the list of 100 best schools of Russia, expert rating agency RAEX-Analytics reports.

The RAEX rating agency has published its latest annual rankings of competitiveness of graduates. The Vologda multi-discipline lyceum is included in the top 100 of the ranking (it took the 32nd place).

A  school-based children's quantorium has opened in Cherepovets, Vologda Region.

Child science parks in the Vologda Region are opened within the framework of the national project “Education”.

Free meals will be organized for 64,000 primary school pupils in Vologda Region from September 1.

According to the Russian President’s Address to the Federal Assembly delivered on January 15, 2020 free hot meals must be provided to all primary school students from grade one through four starting from September 1, 2020 in those regions and schools that have the required level of technical equipment. Primary school students must start receiving high-quality hot meals free of charge in all Russian regions from September 1, 2023.

Vologda’s experts took part in Moscow International Education Fair online.

Moscow International Education Fair was launched on Monday, April 27. This year, the traditional large-scale forum has undergone some changes: due to the coronavirus pandemic, the events were held online.

Mikhail Matveev from Vologda multi-discipline lyceum took a gold medal at international chemistry Olympiad in Paris.

The 51st International Chemistry Olympiad took place in Paris from 21st to 30th July, 2019.

Two educational institutions of Vologda Region are on the list of best schools of Russia.

RAEX Ranking Agency (Expert RA) made a ranking list of best schools in Russia. The Vologda multi-discipline lyceum and Cherepovets school # 10 joined the TOP best schools in terms of competitive advantage of their graduates.

Vologda is hosting an International Youth Science Forum.

The Science Forum has brought together top science students from Russia, CIS-states and foreign countries.

Four educational institutions of Vologda Region are on the list of the 500 best schools of Russia.

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation published the list of 500 best schools of Russia.

Two educational institutions of Vologda Region are on the list of the 200 best schools of Russia expert rating agency RAEX reports.

Two educational institutions of the Vologda Region entered top 200 schools of Russia on quality of training for entering the leading HEIs of Russia.