Department of Culture and Tourism


The Department of Culture and Tourism of the Vologda Oblast works in accordance with the Clause of the Department of Culture and Tourism confirmed by the Vologda Oblast Government Decree N 1305 dated as of 16.12.2013.

Main functions of the department:

  • regulation of relations in the sphere of culture (art, cinema, protection and usage of historical and cultural heritage);
  • support of museums, culture, art and national artistic trades institutions;
  • management of service of libraries;
  • monitoring and evaluating tourism industry initiatives and development;
  • developing and implementing tourism-related projects;
  • tourism promotion in the Vologda Oblast;
  • preservation, revival and development of traditional crafts of the Vologda Oblast.

One of the primary functions of the Department of Culture and Tourism is the preservation of the archives of Government Departments and related administrative units, and this involves the selection of those records having permanent value, the arrangement and description of archives, and the provision of a reference service to scholars, to Government Departments and to the general public. As the government's recordkeeping authority, the Department works to ensure effective information management and acts as the official guardian of Vologda Oblast's public archives.

The holdings of the archives and records service comprise records in a variety of media. This includes paper-based textual records, electronic records as well as audio-visual, photographic and cartographic material. Governmental bodies produce vast amounts of administrative records.

As an executive body with diverse functions, the Department carries out its mission through a number of subordinate offices and institutions. There are state and municipal archives in the Vologda Oblast.

The main functions of the Department and its subordinate institutions in the sphere of records activities include:

  • to collect material in or about the Vologda Oblast;
  • to preserve the archival heritage of the Vologda Oblast;
  • to make the archival heritage accessible to people.


Public Affairs Officer of US Consulate General in St. Petersburg Suzanne Bodoin visited Totma, Vologda Oblast.

On a visit to Totma, Public Affairs Officer of US Consulate General in St. Petersburg Suzanne Bodoin attended Ivan Kuskov Memorial Flat.

Public Affairs Officer of US Consulate General in St. Petersburg Suzanne Bodoin arrived in Vologda.

On a visit to Vologda, Public Affairs Officer of US Consulate General in St. Petersburg Suzanne Bodoin attended the Vologda State Museum-Preserve, the Vologda Lace Museum and the Museum of Architecture and Ethnography in Semenkovo.

Vologda’s delegation participated in development of a new tourist project “Russia’s Silver Necklace”.

The delegation from Vologda took part in a conference devoted to promoting of tourism products in Russia’s North that was held in Veliky Novgorod on December 14. The conference was attended by representatives of the Federal Tourism Agency, delegates of executive bodies in the sphere of tourism, experts in the field of tourism and marketing, employees of tourist companies, and mass media representatives.

Collection of Danish lace is on display in Vologda.

Examples of lace masterpieces dating back from the 17th till the 20th centuries is presented in the exhibition “Danish Lace: History and Present” from Tønder, a lacemaking centre in Denmark. The name of Tønder is usually associated with the point ground lace that was made there in the first half of the 19th century and later revived in the early 20th century.

Vologda lace will be on display in Switzerland and Liechtenstein in 2016.

A cooperation agreement was signed between the Vologda Lace Museum and the National Museum of Liechtenstein. The parties agreed on cooperation in various areas of museum activity, including exhibition, scientific, methodical, information, and publishing.

An exhibition of artwork by Alex Doll (Lugano, Switzerland) was opened on July 14th at the Vologda State Museum-Preserve.

The exhibition in Vologda is organised by the Russian Academy of Arts, the Embassy of Switzerland in Russia, the National Museum of Liechtenstein, and "Peace and Harmony" Foundation within the framework of partnership relations with Russia which in 2014 marked 200 years.

International contest “Lace bird of wonder” will be held in Vologda in early summer.

More than 350 applications not only from Russia but also from Germany, Croatia, Poland, France, Finland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Australia and other countries were received in the Vologda Lace Museum during spring months.

Vologda is among top 10 Russian cities for summer tourism.

The Travel.ru portal published a rating of the best Russian cities for travel in the summer.

On April 16-17,2015 Vologda is to host “Gates to the North”, an inter-regional event, show and exhibition for the tourism industry.

The exhibition has become traditional annual and one of the most significant events in Vologda’s tour business. The exhibition area and various segments, along with the comprehensive programme and supporting events represent the entire product spectrum of the tourist industry of the Vologda Oblast. At the same time, they form the basis for the development of new ideas, approaches and targeted marketing.

Experts of tourism industry from Latvia will share their experience with Vologda’s colleagues.

The Latvian delegation has arrived in Vologda on a three-day duration trip. The main objective of the visit is to get acquainted with the tourism opportunities of the Vologda Oblast and share experiences and good practice with representatives of travel industry.