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Alexander Gryazev

Alexander Gryazev


Playwright Alexander Gryazev was born on November 9, 1937 in the settlement of Lovdoko, district of Khabarovsk.
He graduated from the the Moscow Institute of History and Architecture.
In 1973 Alexander moved to Vologda.
He worked in the newspapers "Krasny Sever" and "Vologodsky Komsomolets", and as a research officer in the oblast's archives, editor of the diocesan newspaper "Blagovestnik". From 1993 to 1998 Alexander Gryzev worked in the Vologda Writers' Organization attached to the Writers' Union of Russia.

In 1978 Alexander Gryazev graduated from the theatre courses in Moscow, his major being dramatic art. Two of his plays were staged in Vologda and Cherepovets. Gryazev's plays were released in "Literary Russia", "Russian Life" (San Francisco, USA), "Your Contemporary", "Altai", "Far East" and others. Now Alexander Gryazev lives in Vologda and works as an executive secretary of the Vologda Writers' Organization.

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