Light Industry

Light industry of the Vologda Oblast comprising textile, knitted, footwear, clothing, fur and haberdashery branches is represented by 132 enterprises of various organizational and legal forms located mainly in Vologda, Cherepovets, Sokol and Veliky Ustyug.

Traditionally a flax growing area, the region's main light industry is flax fabrics.

Flax industry of the region is represented by manufacturers of flaxen fabrics, flax processing factories, flax seed-growing companies and flax sowing farms.

The products include high-quality flax textiles, bed-linen cloth, tea-towel linen and table-cloth.

Leading enterprises

Enterprises of textile industry

Vologda Textile Factory is a manufacturer of linen and semi-linen fabrics, as well as linen-containing household textiles. The company offers its customers a wide range of linen and linen-containing fabrics, such as men's and women's clothing, dining, bedding, interior and décor textiles, souvenirs, laces, dress goods and suitings. The company's collection of household textiles comprises linen and linen-containing table and bed clothes, napkins, towels and other kitchen accessories.

Knitwear production enterprises

  • OOO Voltri;
  • OOO Nerum;

OOO Voltri


Knitwear produced by the company is characterized by wide use of hand-made decoration. Share of hand work in total cost price of an article makes up 50-100%. Tatted components give Russian national characteristics to the company's production. Hand knitting dominates Voltri's collections of waistcoats, ponchos, shawls, tunics, pullovers, hats, caps, kepis, headscarves, scarves and others.

The company is often invited to participate in prestigious exhibitions and shows arranged in Russia and abroad.

OOO Nerum


The company produces a wide range of linen, linen-containing and knitted men's and women's clothing, knitted goods decorated with laces, souvenirs and toys. OOO Nerum successfully operates in the domestic market offering its customers high-quality and modern products - elegant women's dress goods, best bib and tucker, clothing made specifically for sporting and athletic pursuits.

Enterprises of textile industry

  • OAO Style of Vologda;
  • OOO Interlok;
  • Vazhsky Textile.

There are several companies that specialize in the development and production of textile products: bed sets and table linens, souvenirs made of natural fabrics and lace.

Enterprises of fur and tanning industry

  • OOO Fur Manufactory Ovechkin ;
  • OOO Ustyugsport-2.

Vologda's enterprises are the recipients of numerous awards at the national and international festival, exhibitions and fairs.