Governor Orchestra of Folk Instruments

The Governor Orchestra of Folk Instruments was formed in 1993. Its first performance took place at the international festival "Kubok Severa" (Cup of the North) in April, 1993.

Galina Perevoznikova is not only the conductor but also the director of the Orchestra. For the period of 10 years the Orchestra has won public recognition both in Vologda and in other Russian cities.

Its principal instruments are the balalaika and domra. The repertoire includes classical and folklore works, works by such modern composers as A.Shnitke, S.Gubaidulina, A.Rogachyov, etc.

The new programmes of the Orchestra "Evgeny Onegin", "Evenings of Rakhmaninov", "In memory of V.Gavrilin", "New Russian Music" are examples of harmony of poetry and music.

The Orchestra is the recipient of diplomas at the Russian festivals of folk instruments orchestras.

Contact information:

Postal address: 22-a Gorky Street, 162614 Cherepovets, Russia

E-mail: gorni@inbox.ru