Ensemble Russian North

The Ensemble of Folk Music and Dance "Russian North" was founded in 1990 and soon won public recognition.
The name of the ensemble reflects its ethnographic base. "Russian North" is famous for its traditional Russian songs, dances, games and customs.
Such performances as "Near Vologda", "All year round", "Russian Flax" are very popular with the audience.

The performances of the Ensemble "Russian North" are often shown at the opening ceremonies of different festivals and city fairs. Every year the ensemble performs on tours throughout Russia and abroad. Since 1993 "Russian North" has taken part in international festivals in France, Belgium, Austria, Slovakia, Morocco and Argentina. It offers a wonderful taste of Russia, Russian music and dance.

Ensemble "Russian North"
Director: Yuri Nastenko
Art director: Yuri Tsepelev
Tel.: 007 8202 227534 (international)
Fax.: 007 8202 227398 (international)
Address: 1 Stroiteley Square, 162611 Cherepovets, Russia